Who Will Make a way?

Do you hear the desperation in their words? It is a desperate feeling when we come to the end of ourselves.

Who will roll away the stone from the door of the tomb for us? Mark 16:3

It was early and, I imagine, chilly, with a fine mist hanging in the air. The women were consumed with grief, depleted of energy and without hope. They were not thinking clearly—forgetting all that Jesus had promised them. Yet, together they had made the journey to serve Him, their beloved, to anoint His body. But, there it was, an insurmountable obstacle in their way—a massive stone.


Who will make a way

The darkness pervaded

Who will roll away the stone

Breathless, they stared at the stone and then looked down without hope…”it was very large”.

We are usually breathless, too, Easter morning, when we hike up to fellowship and watch the sunrise. It is my favorite morning of the year and my favorite thing about Easter. I tell the kids:

Hurry, let’s race to the tomb!

And we really are racing. My husband must be pretending to be a speed racer. Being slightly late just adds to the thrill. Waking the family early and racing through the dark is all worth it…

We know who rolled away the stone

When they looked up, they saw the stone had been rolled away

We know the end of the story and we can celebrate—our Savior lives! He has made a way for eternal fellowship—with Him and with all believers.

family who worships together stays together

Sweet fellowship

The gift of “fellowship” has been on my mind lately. I’ve had a lot to think about since our family just finished a week of burning the candle at both ends and having some of the most meaningful fellowship I have ever experienced. We worked, celebrated, worshiped, played, reminisced and grieved.

The newly married couple learns from the longest married couple

The longest-married set the standard for the newest

The main event was the celebration of the marriage of our nephew to an amazing young lady. Then, the following day, we enjoyed a family worship service before celebrating the 50th anniversary of my husband’s parents.

The “full circle” and grieving happened the day after, when we began to say goodbye to my husband’s precious aunt. Family members who had just gotten home turned around and drove the six hours back to see her.

His aunt had attended every special occasion possible as long as I had known her—binding my heart with hers. I will miss our conversations, her gentle ways, joyful spirit and ready-smile.

Aunt with gentle, quiet spirit

Fellowship is a glimpse into the heart of God

The heart of God is fellowship—in play, worship, family, work—eternal fellowship with Him.

Those are the basic things that were instituted at the beginning of time; walking with Him, marriage, bearing children and working. “Goodbyes” didn’t exist—thus the suffering that comes when they happen.

strand of three is not easily broken

God made us, loves us and desires to be with us forever

It is simple, but we humans complicate it. We often stand in the way of meaningful fellowship—with each other, with God. We may do our best to avoid fellowship completely.

We are like the stone, blocking fellowship.

“Who” will roll the stone away?

The “who” is Jesus and the “way” is Jesus. The women ran with joy to hear that their Jesus was alive!  We should all run with joy at the news. He offers life to the fullest

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

Kids playing at the pond

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  1. Attending Easter services at the Applegate Fellowship with my ex-mother-in-law, Korrine on Sunday.
    Thank you, Kate. Oxoxox

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