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Take me down to the water

the most beautiful baptism

You don’t need a lot for a baptism—water and two willing souls. Our God does not complicate His way. Baptism is a miraculous-mystery-made-simple in a process that hasn’t changed with time. The letting go begins and then you head down to the water.

God provides the miracle and the mystery when we step out in obedience

One of the passages I enjoyed writing the most in  my book was a baptism scene:

The spring rains had been abundant, offering a place for me to die to myself and be raised up alive in Christ.

I am a baptism junkie. There is no act on this earth more beautiful to me than a baptism—watching a life submitted to the Lord let go of self as the waters close over them. It demonstrates an obedience to God that is rooted deeply in the heart and the joyful tears always come.

Dad prays before baptism

Baptism is obedience in the raw; vulnerability, trust and boldness in the letting go

There are pictures in this post of our kids’ baptisms, my mom’s, dad’s, stepmom’s, college best friend, niece and my husband’s childhood best friend—all of them miracles. The people doing the baptisms are pastors, a grandpa, dad, childhood friend and a godly mentor.

The first complete submersion baptism I witnessed, where I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence, was of my college best friend–watching her go under the water and then rise up with hope for her future was breathtaking.

A good friend being baptized

Step into the water, sink to the end of yourself and find hope in the rising. There is hope in the resurrection and the life

A miraculous mystery made simple

And this water symbolizes baptism that now saves you also—not the removal of dirt from the body but the pledge of a clear conscience toward God.  It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ…(emphasis mine). 1 Peter 3:21

The verse preceding this one speaks of Noah and his family being saved through the waters of the flood. Noah first believed in God and His purposes; he acted in faith by building the ark and then climbing on it. The waters lifted the ark and kept Noah and his family safe.

 But first he had to walk through the door

The other people had the opportunity to climb to safety on the ark as well—that door remained open long enough for them to make their choice to follow God. They mocked the idea and perished in the same waters that lifted Noah.

Today it is still the “clear conscience toward God” that saves—baptism follows. We trust God and then climb in the water.  The act demonstrates the belief. My thought from reading the scriptures is that there is a beautiful, intricate mystery between baptism and salvation.

If a believer is able they should climb into those waters as soon as possible, in obedience and in thankfulness for the work that Jesus has done in making a way for salvation. His resurrection makes the miracle in our lives possible.

Witnesses at baptisms and the fellowship of believers—PRICELESS

If you have professed your faith in Jesus, please do not delay in obeying the command to be baptized; it is a key step in your walk as a child of God.

The choice to be baptized was a life changing time for me—laying aside some of those selfish, lazy ways that I had held onto up to that point. I began to search for God’s plan for me and the Holy Spirit was changing me. Thank you Jesus!

take me to the water

Don’t delay in going through the door—then find the water

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