Idaho Wilderness Adventure

My wife is getting fatter and my bills are getting fatter…

adventure in Baja

…what happened to my life?!

Did your husband ever say this? Mine did.

Goodbye adventurous life?

He may have been joking, but more likely he was imagining the worst of the worst, his hobbies going down the tube—his pregnant wife was quickly spending his hard earned money and it looked like the end of all things fun.

Did a wife and child even fit into his picture? Well, he thankfully gave us room in that life of his and we have many stories to prove it.

marriage adventure in Idaho

I am Kate, the wife of My Man, and even though he is far wittier, I officially became the writer in the family on this fortieth year of my life. Our three home schooled children are quickly growing up and they no longer do well with me staring over their shoulders while they do their work. I had to find another outlet for my energy and my first historical fiction novel came out last year! Writing is my rekindled hobby and it fits well into our lifestyle. I am a freelance writer, but hope to continue writing historical fiction.

Kate Hiller "Live the adventure over and over"

Adventure writing; live the adventure over and over

Weren’t Anne Shirley and Jo March both advised to “write what they know”? During a recent episode of writer’s block I started to journal our family’s adventures as those are the stories that people ask us to share time and time again. Maybe they are amazed that we still speak to each other?

My motive will be to inspire wives of all ages to say ‘yes’ to their men, with a smile if possible! We may think that agreeing to his proposal was the end, but it truly is a daily decision.

‘Yes’ to romantic advances, foot rubs and ‘yes’ to family adventure as much as humanly possible! Male readers won’t be left out as I bet they will enjoy hearing about our harrowing trips off of the beaten path.

marriage adventure near Batopilas, Mexico

Notice the white-knuckle road behind me? 

Life for us didn’t end with the responsibility of marriage and children; it flourished! Our kids were a welcome blessing but they were not #1 in our lives. We have tried to keep our priorities in this order over the years:

  1. God; the one true God of the Bible
  2. Our marriage
  3. Our children

Our daughter hunting

Boys' winter adventure in NevadaNod your head and jump in the vehicle

My Man learned to make room for us and we learned to jump in the vehicle.  The majority of our family adventures are to the desert.

Desert and more desert; most often the Nevada or Baja variety

Thank you for reading my first blog post! In my next post I’ll start to share the rocky beginning of our marriage, including the fiery day I met My Man and why whining is counterproductive.

“The important thing in life is not triumph, but the struggle; the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well. “ Pierre de Coubertin