Rock house in Nepal built well

Built to last or destined for ruin?

Marking cattle and making an impression on my heart

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Before we can embark on wild adventures please be patient as I finish filling you in on the beginning of our life together.  “Hiller”, or My Man, had invited me to his parent’s ranch and I went.  We branded calves and I met the Hillers. Their godly and close-knit family impressed me immediately.

Kate Hiller "I love My Man"

There were all the little things that God used to knit my heart with the Hillers–they laughed a lot and I love to laugh

Family does make an impact when choosing a mate, whether we like it or not.  Not too long after that day they made My Man promise not to lose me and by then I didn’t want to lose them.

My Man and I dated for the rest of the fire season and then hastily decided to marry the week before Christmas.

The wrong way was doing things our own way

We had been doing things our own way and were not seeking Godly counsel as we should have.  This would contribute to our very rough beginning.  Despite our foolishness, and the inconvenient time of year, we graciously had a huge turnout for our wedding.  Bagpipes started the ceremony, our young-tuxedo-donned nephews carried battery-operated candles down the aisle, and later a good friend sang “The Battle Hymn of Love” by Kathy Mattea.

Was our marriage built to last?

Our wedding, photo by David Brooks

The adventurous battle begins

It is laughable how appropriate “The Battle Hymn of Love” was for the unseen adventures ahead!  Look up the lyrics if you get the chance.  A lot of talk of faithfulness ’til death and giving up our own rest–our take on that often turns into jokes about wearing each other out in a race to see who perishes first.

Even through moments of battle fatigue we can now see the abundant blessings of our marriage and of the wedding itself.  Just recently I thought back to the wintry occasion and realized it was the last joyful gathering of so many of those relatives.

Our potluck reception was not what many of those people were accustomed to; nor the break from Catholic tradition or the twenty mile drive to the reception in no-man’s-land.  I hope those still living can look back fondly at that time together with so many loved ones in one location.

Ditch the glamorous facade and get the Kleenex and Vick’s Vapor Rub

This outhouse was built to last

I had a very bad cold at our wedding and My Man had to stop at a store to buy medication on our way to the hotel afterward.  The story behind my cold is worth mentioning…

A different sort of all- nighter before the wedding and catching cold:

One of my bridesmaids had come to town a few days before the wedding and wanted to visit some old friends.  She showed up at my door and asked if I could watch her three month old baby.

Well, she actually asked me over her shoulder as she walked away and I was already holding the baby! 

Then she didn’t come back until the morning! I had next to zero experience with children–especially infants! I barely had any sleep that night and was soon sick.   Not a fun way to start a marriage but it does add to the humor and adventure (I forgive her and love her).

Snowy rock with icicles

Up next…the promise of a wintry adventure

Instead of waiting for brighter days we decided to go ahead and brave a winter honeymoon, or better known as a “winter hunting trip”.  We threw our moving boxes into our rented trailer and headed to a bed and breakfast in the northern high desert.  Rather than heels and flowy dresses, my honeymoon attire consisted of heavy camouflaged suits.  Don’t forget the four-wheeler and coyote calls!

Proverbs 14:1 house pendant

A Proverbs 14:1 house–which woman would I be?

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