“Whoever walks wisely will be delivered”

Snowshoeing, wandering and pondering God

What a wonderful promise in Proverbs 28:26, although for many years I more closely fit the first half of the proverb: “He who trusts in his own heart is a fool”.  I was a clueless, selfish, new bride in that snowshoeing picture above–over eighteen years ago.  I was very content to wander through the desert but less content to invest in my new marriage.

A wise or foolish wanderer?

author Kate Weber Hiller

This is me now, a child of God.  I am thankful to still be a wife, as well as a mother, adventurer and author…

… and I will gladly share my foolishness to magnify the Lord and His wisdom.  There were times in our rocky, early marriage when I thought life would be better without a husband.  Wouldn’t it be liberating to be a young, single mom?  Did our son really need a dad?  I would have been a third generation divorcee if I would have continued down that path.  We persevered and I will use this blog to tell our story–how we repeatedly chose the harder path with the rewards often beyond our vision.  In God’s goodness, many of those paths were lined with beauty and adventure.  I hope to give you a sense of the thrills along the way using our family’s pictures.

Magnify the Lord

Pink desert flowers

I have had countless wonderful women in my life, but here I will be highlighting the importance of men–as fathers and husbands.

It is a sad fact in the world today that many men are not stepping up to that high calling, and I have deep compassion for those who are suffering as a result.

However, I hope to inspire the women who still have it within their grasp to support their men and respect them.  I was one who nearly gave up that blessed opportunity.  If I had followed my foolish tendencies our family would have been bereft of fun, adventure and, most importantly, guidance.  My knees weaken at the thought of how close I came to that disastrous fall and my heart still sings out in thankfulness to God for His protection.

My Man and dog in yellow grass

Endless wit and energy—My Man has it, I do not!

People who know My Man are usually in awe, speechless and shaking their heads at his wit and energy level.  I love to write about him; I think you will be entertained!  It has not always been easy following him around.  In fact, it has rarely been easy–but it has been worth it.  Our family is far from perfect, but may God’s perfection shine through our imperfection.  I love reading the stories of other married couples who have endured through hardship.  I hope you will enjoy ours.

Our three kids in Nepal

Our kids—may they continue to grow in…

Wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. Luke 2:52

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My Man plus me

For those who enjoy historical fiction:

A link to my first novel.  It is a Christian historical fiction and a western with a feminine touch.  It is based on the 1901 lynching in Lookout, Modoc County, California.